What is Smartpay

Certainly, along with the accomplishment of an increasing business and enhanced productivity, a growing employee headcount may lead to a complicated payroll process. Wouldn’t it be remarkable if the entire process of salary payments was easier and error-free? Smart Pay, the leading payroll solution provider among remittance brands, with highest market share in terms of salary disbursals, offers all this and more.

Smart Pay was created with the intention of empowering corporate entities and their employees. Smart Pay complies with the Wages Protection System (WPS), an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Labour and UAE Central Bank to streamline the salary disbursal process, protecting the interests of both employers and employees.

Thanks to the customer-centric approach and quality-oriented work culture, Smart Pay today partners tens of thousands of corporate entities. Payroll managers of our corporate clients express relief at the transformation of their salary process into an easy, hassle-free and streamlined procedure. Smart Pay also makes salary process easy, timely and convenient for employees of our corporate clients.

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