How it Works - UAE


Step 1


To register, employer needs to visit the nearest UAE Exchange branch with the following documents:

Trade license copy
b. ID copy of authorised signatory
c. Established ID number with MOL
c. Copy of valid ID details of the employee



Step 2

Salary Information File (SIF) processing and fund transfer

Employer needs to prepare Salary Information File (SIF) in the format prescribed by WPS and send it to UAE Exchange's dedicated email address, receive the reference number, and deposit the cash in UAE Exchange bank account or at the nearest branch. The employer can also transfer funds to UAE Exchange bank account, online.


The employer can prepare the Salary information File(SIF) at the SIF Help Desk of any UAE Exchange branch to ensure error-free files. After receiving the reference number, he can deposit the total amount at the UAE Exchange counter.


Step 3

Salary withdrawal from MasterCard-enabled ATMs for card customers

a.Employees who have Smart Pay-MasterCard electronic payroll card can visit any MasterCard-enabled ATM or UAE Exchange proprietary CDM to withdraw their salary.


Salary Payouts through UAE Exchange branches

Employees without the electronic payroll card can visit any of the widely-networked UAE Exchange branches across the UAE with a valid identity proof and collect their salary.



Step 4

Customer Satisfaction

Thousands of satisfied Smart Pay customers


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