UAE Exchange Bahrain launches Smart Pay

Smart Pay, the leading payroll solution from UAE Exchange was launched in Bahrain. Smart Pay provides convenient payroll management and salary disbursal for organisations and easy salary collection for their employees, while complying with all labour laws of the Government.

“Payroll management will now be a hassle-free process for organisations in Bahrain.”, said Mr. Promoth Manghat, VP - Global Operations, UAE Exchange. He was speaking on the occasion of the launch of Smart Pay, the flagship payroll solution, by UAE Exchange, the leading global remittance and foreign exchange brand for Bahrain market. Smart Pay would offer an easy salary disbursal solution for organisations across Bahrain. It also enables the employees of these organisations to collect their salaries from any branch of the UAE Exchange network across the Kingdom, thus bringing value to both employers and their employees.

“Smart Pay is a class-leading payroll service, among a diverse range of products which UAE Exchange offers for its valued customers. This payroll solution, which was a huge success in the UAE market, will enhance the convenience of companies in terms of their payroll management in Bahrain too; while it brings ease of salary collection and other value adds to the employees of these partnering companies. All the while ensuring compliance to every regulation and aligning with the Government’s vision for the welfare of both employers and their employees”, added Mr. Manghat.

Mr. Deepak Nair, Country Head – UAE Exchange Bahrain, said, “UAE Exchange has always strived to bring more convenience to its customers. The launch of this state-of-the-art payroll solution is yet another milestone for us. We have leveraged the UAE Exchange branch network to the advantage of the employees of the organisations partnering with us over Smart Pay. They can walk in to any of the 11 branches across the Kingdom and collect their salaries, promptly. Employees can also take advantage of various services offered at our counters, like remittance, foreign exchange, bill payments etc.”

UAE Exchange, which started in 1980 from Abu Dhabi, had launched its operations in Bahrain in 2008. In a very short span of time, the brand became a favourite of millions of customers for various financial services, offered under a single roof. They trust the brand with their hard earned money. The offering of the new payroll solution is yet another step to bolster this trust by bringing customers more convenience.

UAE Exchange offers a wide range of services, which include Xpress Money, the instant money transfer service with over 1,35,000 payout locations in more than 125 countries; FLASHremit, the real-time bank account credit service; Money2anywhere, the convenient online money transfer portal by which money can be sent to any corner of the world in just a few clicks from an internet environment anywhere; and more. These popular services have made UAE Exchange a true financial supermarket.

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