Who We Are

Smart Pay, a pioneer in payroll solutions in the UAE, comes from a brand that continues to represent high quality and excellent service; a brand that people turn to with trust to address their various financial requirements; a brand called UAE Exchange.

UAE Exchange is the leading global remittance and foreign exchange brand with a strong global network over 800 direct offices in 31 countries across five continents. This network, which is the largest in its class, reaches out to more than 13.2 million customers and their dear ones, worldwide. Further adding to its might is UAE Exchange’s strong correspondent banking relationship with over 140 global banks.

People trust UAE Exchange, a brand that has always embraced a customer-centric approach; the results have been astounding for over 35 years. Towards customer convenience, UAE Exchange has introduced various innovative products such as Xpress Money, a leading global instant money transfer service; Money2anywhere, an online money transfer portal; XPay, an advanced mobile bill payment service; and FLASHremit, a facility for real time account credit. These products apart, UAE Exchange offers a wide range of other services, which address most of the financial requirements of customers. Customers get to address their multiple financial requirements at a single destination. As such, customers regard UAE Exchange as a financial supermarket.

With such an impressive lineage, one can be assured of high standards of quality in service and technology from Smart Pay too. Smart Pay is indeed an adept addition to the wide range of services from UAE Exchange.